Work package 1

Work Package 1: Weather station network improvement

Improving radar capability

In Holland the KNMI is the national governmental organization responsible for the infrastructure on weather. KNMI is also the national research and information center for meteorology, climate, air quality, and seismology. For creating crossborder improvement on weather forecasting as  foreseen by Waterschap Limburg and Wasserverband Eifel-Rur in this work package KNMI is therefor an essential partner.

Project 1.1.1

The floods in 2021 led to the question of whether it is possible to expand capacity and, if so, whether a technological link can be established with the radar in Aachen that would provide better crossborder information.
This project covers various aspects and components on which action will have to be taken in order to give shape to the cooperation in this field and to establish a crossborder rain radar.

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D.T. 1.1.1 Interreg_Reporting_Nextcloud (pdf, 3.4 MB)

Project 1.1.2

Based on decision making on both the Dutch and German side there will be an agreement on the sharing of data.
Then there will be a technical merge of the Aachen radar images in KNMI’s public international radar composite.

D.T. 1.1.2. Comprimeert_Proof_of_Concept_KNMI_IRC_Radar_Aachen (mp4, 4.5 MB)

Project 1.1.3

Last step in this process will be a research project with an assessment of the performance of the correction algorithms. Conclusions will be presented about the overall quality improvements in the operational IRC product as a result of the application of the correction algorithms.

Precipitation meters network crossborder
KNMI uses 1 rain meter per 100 km² as a rule of thumb, depending on the area. The floods in 2021 confirm the need for an optimal precipitation monitoring network in Limburg and border area with locations of precipitation meters.
How should the distribution over the area be? Can the existing KNMI and WL automatic meters (4 and 11 units) be integrated?
Linked  to precipitation a system which public data about precipitation and weather in width completes the information needed for a total overview.

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D.T. 1.1.3. InterregRadar (pdf, 2.9 MB)

Project 1.2.1

A report will be made about the development of a crossborder precipitation monitoring network. Elements are: description of the principles for a good area-covering precipitation monitoring, of the installation requirements for a precipitation rain gauge and an optimal precipitation monitoring network for Limburg, including a map of the available monitoring networks.

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D.T. 1.2.1. Report Crossborder precipitation monitoringnetwork (pdf, 6.6 MB)

Project 1.2.2

Basic information in this process is an inventory available rain gauges in Limburg and border region with administrator and possibility for data import to merge with the rain radar data for a high quality rain data product.
Setup for data import for the suitable rain gauges and an application for automatic quality control on the data.

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D.T. 1.2.2 Central Rain Gauge Data and Quality Control (pdf, 3.1 MB)

Project 1.2.3

At the end this will lead to a Public data weather sites collection>
A report to inform you about websites with data on precipitation measurements, a description of the most important features for each website, who is the owner and administrator, used measuring systems. And, data quality, actuality, possibilities to request and use the data in a own overview.

Better Weather forecast  for Limburg and border region
The Euregion consists of three countries, each with its own precipitation forecasting system. It will be of great use if these systems could be linked or one system can be described to be used in the whole cross border region.
But first steps in this process are about the possibilities of a system with could make it possible and conclusions about the most suitable system for the Euregion.

Download final report and matrix inventory websites

D.T. 1.2.3 Report Public data weather site collection (pdf, 867 kB)

D.T. 1.2.3 Matrix Public data weather site collection (xlsx, 44 kB)

Project 1.3.1

Crossborder weather forecast report at least containing: a description of the weather forecasting systems used in Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and conclusions about the most suitable system for South Limburg.

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D.T. 1.3.1. Report Interreg_weather forecasts (pdf, 7.8 MB)