The Water board Eiel-Rur (WVER)

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The Water board Eiel-Rur (WVER) is responsible for the water management in the catchment area of the Rur in North Rhine-Westphalia. Its main responsibilities include flood control and the balancing of the water discharge, the supply of water for drinking water production and for industrial use, irrigation and drainage of land, waste water treatment, the improvement of the water courses to near natural conditions and the restoration/maintenance of a good status of the waterbodies.

It is relevant to mention the following about the Water board Eiel-Rur (WVER):

  • The task of restoring/maintening the good status includes the avoidance/disposal of harmful flotsam from approx. 1900 km surface watercourses.
  • The Water board Eifel- Rur (WVER) continually has been participating in Interreg-projects as a project partner since 1997. Starting with RIPARIA (Interreg IIC; IRMA), then JAF (Interreg IIIB), the projects WAVE and AMICE (both Interreg IVB), after that FLOOD-WISE (Interreg IVC) and finally DROP (Interreg IVB) the WVER dealt with the european, cross-border knowledge transfer and the practical implementation with regard to the topics of flood protection, low water, climate change and governance.