Université de Liège


Hydraulics in Environmental & Civil Engineering (HECE) is an established research group consisting of about 15 doctoral and postdoctoral researchers working in the fields of hydrological and hydrodynamic modelling, hydraulic engineering, and flood risk management. They have a strong track record of achievements directly linked to improving flood risk management and flood resilience. Based on the in-house developed modelling system WOLF the group has contributed to the preparation of the official hazard maps for most large rivers throughout Wallonia.

It is relevant to mention the following about Hydraulics in Environmental & Civil Engineering (HECE):

  • They are also involved with real-time inundation mapping in collaboration with SPW and contributes to the activities of the official think tank “Groupe Transversal Inondations” which gathers public authorities in charge of water management, spatial planning and crisis
  • The group has a long-lasting experience with interactions with various stakeholders in the water sector both in Belgium and internationally. In the Interreg NWE project AMICE (2009-2012).
  • The researchers of HECE conducted the first ever coordinated flood simulation of the whole river Meuse from its spring to its mouth in the
    Netherlands. In the wake of this project, HECE has co-organized with Deltares a yearly symposium series on the hydrology of river Meuse. This symposium, held in Liege, gathers a unique blend of participants from academia and from water management organizations.
  • HECE was granted a basic research funding for initiating the design of a field survey to collect flood damage data. This initiative will benefit
    to the project EMfloodResilience and the outcomes will be upscaled and brought to a transnational level during the project.