The Province of Liège (BE)


The Province of Liège (BE) is a public authority (1.1 millions inhabitants, 84 municipalities, 3862 Km²). Its mains areas of competencies are: Education and Training, Sport & Culture, Health & Social Affairs, Sustainable Territorial Development, Support to Municipalities and territories. The rivers department is part of the DG Infrastructure - Sustainable Development. It is in charge of the second category rivers management that represent more than 1.000 km throughout the provincial territory with many different characteristics. Its missions consist in maintenance, cleaning, biological cleaning and repair works that all contribute to reduce flood damage. Moreover, environmental aspects are also taken into account (e.g. invasive plants, fish ladders).

It is relevant to mention the following about the Province of Liege:

  • This Department also takes part to 6 Wallonia ivers contracts working groups gathering all the stakeholders in this field to define common actions.
  • Currently, it is also involved in the EU LIFE project Vallées Ardennaises that aims at targeting the restoration of minor river bed and major river bed with wooded slopes of the Ardenne in deep forest valleys. In this project, working on headwaters of the river basins will improve the quality of water and restore an ecological continuum of habitats and species ofcommunity interest. This is also the first Walloon LIFE project addressing the overall ecological restoration of valleys.
  • The Province of Liege has a strong experience in EU project management, high skilled staff in the field of hydraulic modelling and a good knowledge of the legal context in Wallonia.
  • Offer a large capacity in terms of dissemination and replication of the project results.
  • The Province of Liege is involved in several European cross-border and transnational projects as project leader or as projectpartner.